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We are The Astro Investigators, better know as the Gators, a group of dedicated astrologers committed to astrological scientific research to prove or disapprove astrological concepts and techniques. The AstroInvestigators group was started in 2002 by Alphee Lavoie  with a few astrologers from CT. We started as a very small group but today we have members worldwide working together to conduct wonderful  research. .  We have also been published in various Journals (NCGR, AFA, and others) and made presentations to many astrological conferences, i.e. Ncgr, UAC, ……… Alphee has been a full-time professional astrologer since 1965. He wrote the first astrological research program in the early 80s. This program has been updated many times so now the gators are well-equipped with the only astrological research software designed to test any astrological technique and concept through scientific methods. If your are interested to come and help the Gators with their research projects email Alphee at alphee@comcast,net

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